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Product Specifications:


  • 5 to 11
  • Product size (folded): 16L" x 14W" x 3H"
  • Product size (maximum volume): 18L" x 14W" x 12H"
  • Product weight: 3.7 lbs

DidiDesk helps children sit and learn better

Kids find it difficult to sit for long periods of time.
DidiDesk's ergonomic design aids in changing their posture without losing focus.
This results in increased Time-on-Task and a healthier body.


DidiDesk lets children choose whether to learn on the floor,
on a chair or while standing

Desks are for adults. DidiDesk provides maximum flexibility
with its true adjustable "Floor2Stand" feature.


DidiDesk is a flexible desk that
boosts concentration in learners

The keys to achieving focus are personalization and engagement,
which are easy to achieve with DidiDesk. It can also be easily moved
to a quiet spot, or to an area with peers who can assist.


DidiDesk is a learning environment for kids' happiness

Do you enjoy sitting in a stiff and ugly chair all day? Neither does your child.
Give them the choice of posture and place.
Allow them to explore the outdoors, collaborate with others, and be independent.

DidiDesk is a versatile desk
that allows children to learn anywhere

Mobility is freedom. Within seconds, any place can be transformed
into a learning environment. Earn the privilege of freedom.


DidiDesk allows children endless
posture possibilities

It should be your child's choice:
DidiDesk is a multi-tool for different postures and needs. 


Order your home with flexibility

Is your child more active than others?
A child with ADHD may be gifted. Keep structure while
allowing them to be creative. 'Flexible order' is our motto.


DidiDesk provides a better
alternative to the generic desk

Despite years of toxic learning environments, they remain the same:
monochromatic, generic, ”one size fits all”.
But with DidiDesk, you can go creative!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah Ishmael
The best!

I purchased one of these and a cheaper version on amazon and this brand is by far the way to go. It folds up for easy storage and is extremely sturdy compared to the Amazon version. Also the cushioned base is so nice. One happy homeschooling Mama over here!


It didn’t come with instructions but I emailed the company and they sent them to me. It’s still not as easy to adjust as the video makes it look, but it’s a good little desk for my daughter.

Sheryll Javier

Kids DidiDesk

Donna Krulock
Just got mine

Just received my order after waiting a couple of weeks, and I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed by it! My kid is already using it and it looks like it's made of good quality material. If it keeps up, I'm definitely getting one for my younger child too.

Tina Shepard
Great for creativity

My kids (5+8) are constantly coming up with new ideas and projects, and Dididesk has been the perfect tool for bringing their creativity to life. It's so versatile and can be used for drawing and reading. The only con is that there is a limited selection of colors to choose from. The color selection could have been better, and I was looking for pink, which was available for purchase when I first checked...